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My dad recently hard-rebooted his macbook pro and discovered that it wouldn't boot up(the blue screen). He took it to the apple store and they said the directory had gotten corrupted. They recommended copying the files from the (internal, corrupted) HD to an external HD, before restoring OSX on the internal drive. Fortunately, the Apple Store was able to boot into OSX using an USB thumbdrive. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding a way to copy the files to my external G-tech (2TB) drive. The internal drive is on the latest leopard and the boot thumbdrive is OSX 10.6.8 .


  • My dad didn't previously use timemachine or another backup method, so we tried to copy files and directories to an external. When we copied some directories, e.g. Pictures, we got an error -36: "Can't complete the operation because some data in "filename" can't be read or written"


  • Wrote a quick script to move files from internal to external, using except to catch copy errors, but the script became super slow: taking 10min per 4mb photo file sometimes. The script was fast on my other computer, where I copied the files to and from the same Hard Disk, making me think that copying from an internal HD to an External while booting from a thumbdrive may be slowing the system down.

Time Machine: Slow

  • Now we are using time machine to back up the entire internal disk to the external, but it seems to be very slow, transferring about 1GB per 10 minutes. At this rate, it may take 53 hours for 320 GB. This seems to be slow...

Is this(time machine) the only way besides manually dragging single files? The Moral is clearly that he should have been backing files up regularly, but now that the damage is done, what can I do to speed up the copy?

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53 hours is just a little bit more than two days. It will be finished by saturday. Moreover, this is automatic: you don't have to assist Time Machine during the backup. By the way, Superuser or Apple would be better suited for this question. –  mouviciel May 17 '12 at 16:44

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ss64.com/osx/cp.html The above link may be helpful. You can use a terminal to run that command and copy files instead of drag and dropping. I assume there are some better utilities specifically for copying hard drives but I don't know the OSX equivalent.

For cp command you can do

cp -R directory/youd/like/backedup /path/to/newlocation and it will take all the files in 'backedup' including sub folders and their sub folders etc. and put them into 'newlocation' kind of equivalent to a drag and drop. If cp runs on mac like linux then it will continue copying all files, if it sees a file it can't copy it will say something in terminal like error than keep copying the remaining files.

Another tool is dd you could use for mac, I have only heard about it but you may like looking into it.

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