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I have been tasked with building a HTML5 based App which will contain various animated children's games. The app needs to work in both Android and IOS environments.

My obvious choice would be to build a Flash site as I have Flash good animation and Action-script experience, but there are the obvious IOS/Flash player issues.

Just wonder if anyone has any experience with cross device animation and could offer any advice on pros and cons of the following approaches -

  • Flash App - (compiled to IOS friendly code using cs5.5)

  • Code using Jquery animation

  • Use new HTML Canvas tool.

Thanks Paul

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If you are making an app, and not a mobile website, what reason would you not use flash? It compiles to iOS and android. –  Plastic Sturgeon May 17 '12 at 22:10
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As a developer with previous bad experience, I dont recommend phone gap at all. There are some VERY nice "layer" libraries for web development that allows the site to interact with a touch screen via "Middle Man" translation libraries. I'd look into those and make it a mobile website instead of a mobile app. If you're required to push for an app, you could always make a NATIVE (non-phonegapped) iOS/Android application that basically contains a website and some form of navigation to move throughout the games hosted on your site.

Please, for the sake of your users, avoid tools like phonegap.

PS - The only downside to this approach is Apple is against making a mobile app that is just a better formatted web application, although through the use of these libraries, I think it'd pass review.

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