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I already know how to:

Load properties files into my Spring configuration using:

<context:property-placeholder location="aaa/bbb/ccc/stuff.properties"/>

Build properties objects on the fly using:

<props><prop key="abc">some value</prop></props>

But what I cant do, and would be really useful, is to have Spring load a properties file and then build the matching properties object. I could then inject this into a bean in the normal way.

I've searched for this elsewhere without success. Any ideas?

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As @MetroidFan2002 implies, take a look at util:properties

<util:properties id="myProperties" location="classpath:com/foo/my.properties"/>

Then, to inject the Properties into your Spring-managed Bean, it's as simple as this:

@Resource(name = "myProperties")
private Properties myProperties;
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Please see the Spring Reference Manual's Appendix and see if this helps.

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