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If I define an Action filter that implements IActionFilter like so:

public class FooAttribute : FilterAttribute, IActionFilter
    public void OnActionExecuted(ActionExecutedContext filterContext)
    { }

    public void OnActionExecuting(ActionExecutingContext filterContext)
        filterContext.Result = new ContentResult 
            Content = "Test", 
            ContentEncoding = Encoding.UTF8, 
            ContentType = "text" 

And apply it to the following action method:

public ActionResult Index()
    return View();

When I do this the Index action code does not run and neither does the OnResultExecuted method. Is this because I set the Result property in the OnActionExecuting method? Are there any other things that will cause the normal flow to be interrupted?

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I think its just the Result property that has this effect.. See here :

User can cancel the action by setting Result to something non-null

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