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I am experiencing something very tricky. I have two networks, one has internet access and other doesn't. When I load my vaadin web application project on these networks, it works well on the one with internet access and does not load the widget in the second network. Firebug reports:

<div class="pie chart"></div>. 

I cant figure out what is going wrong. Is there a possibility that the widgetset is picking something from the internet on i ts own to display the pie chart? Or has it got something to do with the network security?

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Vaadin Widgetsets in general do not have requirement for a internet connection, and they should work in closed intranets as well, but some add-on widgets may have special limitations.

Sounds like you are using the 'Visualizations for Vaadin' add-on which is based on Google Chart API. And that indeed requires the internet connection.

See also: Google Chart API - internet connection requirement?

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thanks a million! I was stuck. – Madz May 18 '12 at 7:43

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