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I build source code of Thrust based on version 1.6.0 by scons. But scons through an error as below.

 nvcc -o performance/targets/cpp_host_cuda_device_release/adjacent_difference.o -c -arch=sm_10 -Xcompiler -DTHRUST_HOST_SYSTEM=THRUST_HOST_SYSTEM_CPP -Xcompiler -DTHRUST_DEVICE_SYSTEM=THRUST_DEVICE_SYSTEM_CUDA -Xcompiler -O2 -Xcompiler -Wall -I . -I /san01/home/chatsiri/cuda4.2.9/cuda/include -I performance -I testing performance/targets/cpp_host_cuda_device_release/adjacent_difference.cu
    ./thrust/detail/type_traits/pointer_traits.h: In instantiation of 'thrust::detail::pointer_traits<thrust::pointer<int, thrust::system::cuda::detail::tag, thrust::use_default, thrust::use_default> >':
    performance/targets/cpp_host_cuda_device_release/adjacent_difference.cu:22:   instantiated from here
    ./thrust/detail/type_traits/pointer_traits.h:165: error: ambiguous class template instantiation for 'struct thrust::detail::pointer_element<thrust::pointer<int, thrust::system::cuda::detail::tag, thrust::use_default, thrust::use_default> >'

How to improve the class or find method for solving problems?

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Have you always compiled it with SCons? If not, compare the compilation line from your previous method to the scons output. –  Brady May 17 '12 at 17:48
Also, could you show the related SConstruct/SConscript files. –  Brady May 17 '12 at 17:49
@Brady I improved Sconstruct in line betweens line 90 to 95 by set new path of CUDA. CUDA path not set in /usr/local/cuda. My view, New path of cuda not effect when compiled source code. –  rch May 18 '12 at 3:07
so did that fix the problem, or does it still fail? And have you compared it to the previous compilation, if there was one? –  Brady May 18 '12 at 6:11

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