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I have a piece of code in Grails:

def product = Product.get(5) ?: new Product()
product.isDiscounted = product.isDiscounted ?: true

Problem is, if the isDiscounted property is already set for an existing product and it's false, I'll end up changing it to true. Is it possible to check if an object is transient?

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In this case make the property Boolean instead of boolean, then the initial value will be null and not default to false. This will help validation too, since you can verify that a choice of false was intentional, and not just allowing the default value.

In general though you can use the isAttached() method (or the property style variant attached), e.g.

def product = Product.get(5) ?: new Product()
product.isDiscounted = product.attached ? product.isDiscounted ? true

This case can actually be even more compactly done with a default value in the constructor:

def product = Product.get(5) ?: new Product(discounted: true)
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Thanks Burt. I'm coming from a C# background so I didn't realize that Boolean is different from boolean in Java. In C#, both are the same, and a nullable type is declared by using a question mark after the type: bool? –  Daniel T. May 17 '12 at 19:02

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