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I have 2700 observations with 60 characteristic columns and 3 response variables. I am analyzing the data in R. At first I estimated a model with 34 of the characteristics based on the R^2 value. Choosing the characteristics with the greatest R value. Then I ran anova on the data set and it was p=.01.

I found the leaps library and I'm running


It has been running for several minutes and I'm wondering if it will have any value? Is there a better way to run a model search and is there any estimate of how long it will take to run?

I found rergsubsets from http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/leaps/leaps.pdf

I also have data that is textual and it has the greatest R^2 value but it doesn't work with regsubsets. Is there another option that handles text data?

I have the results from regsubsets but the results don't make sense. As the best fit model it selected a single column. In the 1 (1) row but there are 9 row (1) and I don't see any documentation about the other rows.

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