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I have a bit of Javascript that works with a plugin so that a static text link corresponds to a specific slide in a jquery slider. It looks like this:


So basically, any link with class .gibbs will move the slider to the li with class .gibbs.

What I'm wondering is, since I have close to 50 slides, is there any way to just say "any link with a class .x will move the slider to the li with the same class .x" - without having to write new javascript for all 50 classes?

Thanks :)

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what plugin are you using? kind of hard to say without knowing what the plugin does –  Jason May 17 '12 at 17:41
It's called anything slider, it's a pretty straightforward jquery slider that allows any kind of content. AnythingSlider –  Miiitch May 17 '12 at 17:43
save the class of the clicked item var something = $(this).attr('class'); and insert it in the code –  Daniel Ruf May 17 '12 at 17:46

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If I understand you, then yes.

Assuming that there's only one class on the element getting the handler,

  $('#anyslider').anythingSlider('li.' + this.className);

This applies the handler to any a element that has at least one class. You'll likely want to narrow it a bit, but I don't know how without more information from you.

Also, there may be better solutions, but again, we would need more info.

Even if there are multiple classes, you could make it work as long as one of the classes matches the target.

  $('#anyslider').anythingSlider('li.' + this.className.split(/\s+/).join(',li.');
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Looking at the API, it seems like you could do something like

  var slide = $('#anyslider ' + this.className));
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No, you can't. How would your script know which classes are meant? Of course you can put that in a loop:

var $slider = $('#anyslider');
["gibbs", "gobbs", "gabbs", ...].forEach(function(className) {

Or, if you have just a single class on each of the links:

$("a.gibbs, a.gobbs, a.gabbs, ...").click(function moveToMyClass() {
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It is possible to have multiple class names for any given element.

so: <a class='slideme' id='gibbs'>Slideable stuff...</a>

It depends on what the anythingSlider() method expects as a parameter, but if it accepts an ID rather than a class, you could do this:


If it accepts an DOM object or a jQuery object, just use this or $(this) respectively.

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