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I'm trying to understand NHibernate's behaviour with regards caching when used with multiple databases (multi-tenancy) with a common web-farm: there seems to be horrendously little information out there, assuming that you'll only ever have a single database for your web-app.

To give some background: we have an application that we've recently introduced NHibernate to: this application supports many instances behind a common web-farm - so for example, we may be talking to 50 databases (SQL Server 2008 back end) or more with a common web farm. Each database is independent of each other.

We've found one problem already - that of instantiating session factories in IIS: when this happens, each session takes some memory, with the net result that we have 50 identical session factories in memory, and a w3wp.exe commit size of the best part of 800MB or more: this isn't acceptable (IIS worker processes can be ran from a pool of multiple w3wp processes, so memory just disappears). As a result, we're looking at implementing a single session factory and using an IConnectionProvider implementation to switch between (see this blog post ... completely unrelated to us, but describes the same problem and a resolution).

What I need to understand from this point then is how NHibernate's caching is going to work in this scenario: my understanding is that the first-level cache uses a timestamp cache that tracks when tables are updated, and thus when it can read from the cache and when it can't. So it looks like the first-level cache doesn't work as from what I read the first level cache is not distributed across a web-farm.

The second-level cache can be distributed, but because of the problems we're hit with memory, and the alternative approach, it seems the second level cache can't be used (see this question/answer).

So, at least from what I've read/researched so far, it seems that caching cannot be used in this type of deployment. If I'm being naïve, please let me know and correct me :-)

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We have multiple session factories and it isn't great. There is already some work done regarding multi-tenancy in NHibernate. Take a look at NH-3087 - nhibernate.jira.com/browse/NH-3087 and this github pull request - github.com/nhibernate/nhibernate-core/pull/91 – Vasea May 18 '12 at 7:29
Ta -- that work looks like its preliminary ground work before the full fetaure goes in. It's good to know it's coming though :-) But may not be until the next major NH version, several months away (I'm guessing). Doesn't help for code now though, unfortuantly. – Chris J May 18 '12 at 8:59

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