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How can I open a website and return some information from it in Java ? For example I want to go to, enter my family name and return my national code

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Always search first before posting. There are a number of similar threads that may answer your question, or at least help you refine it , such as… or… – Leigh May 18 '12 at 5:17

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You can use to connect to a website. For scraping information from the loaded website you can use a Java HTML Parser library (for example JSoup) to be able to traverse through the DOM and/or retrieve relevant pieces of information from the DOM.

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With Selenium, that is a tool for testing web applications, you can do all that you say. Try to check its documentation

This is an example case example in java

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If that site returns information in XML format, then its possible to do XML parsing to get the result you desire.

SAX is really handy in XML parsing in these cases.

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