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I just wrote my first application using the AWS SDK for .Net to send ~7500 emails via SES with the following code:

AmazonSimpleEmailServiceClient client = new AmazonSimpleEmailServiceClient("awsKey", "awsSecret");

SendEmailRequest req = new SendEmailRequest()
    .WithDestination(new Destination() { ToAddresses = { "you@yourdomain.com" } })
        new Amazon.SimpleEmail.Model.Message(new Content("mySubject"),
        new Body().WithHtml(new Content("myBody"))));

var resp = client.SendEmail(req);

My AWS Console is showing successful deliveries of ~7350 emails and ~150 bounces.

enter image description here

It has been over 3 hours since it finished and I still have not received any bounce back emails ("This email could not be sent because the address doesn't exist or something...") to me@mydomain.com.

How do I find out which of those ~150 emails bounced so I can update my database?

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The bounces were being delivered to me, they were just being filtered as spam.

I wish there were a better way to handle this through SES...

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Arg! Just ran into the same problem. Thanks! –  Brian Armstrong Sep 10 '13 at 5:31

There is a better way to handle it. In SES, you can configure bounces to go into an SQS queue, and then process them programatically from your application (or a different, dedicated bounce handling application) that reads from that Queue.

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