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Can I use XML file as data storage, and xQuery for operations of the creation, reading, updating, and deleting data? Where can i read about it? What extension of xQuery provides CRUD operations?

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You absolutely can. See the XRX Beginner's Guide for an introduction. This guide uses the free, open source eXist-db native XML database to provide storage and retrieval, and its built-in extensions for accessing HTTP request data. A brief, well-illustrated slide deck on XRX and CRUDS by Dan McCreary provides an overview too.

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There are also three Wikibooks that you might find useful:


I think that XRX is perhaps the most simple and elegant way to empower non-programmers to build complex web applications. A good XRX framework allows anyone with knowledge of the "Path" expressions to their data (XPath) to build and maintain web apps. No Object-Relational mapping layer is needed any more.

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XQuery Scripting is great for CRUB operation. Here's an example:

variable $stores := doc("stores.xml")/stores;

(: Create :)
insert node <store><store-number>4</store-number><state>TX</state></store> into $stores;
(: Update :)
replace value of node $stores/store[state="TX"]/store-number with "5";
(: Delete :)
delete node $stores/store[state != "TX"];
(: Read :)

You can try this example live at http://www.zorba-xquery.com/html/demo#J7reoq76cdLWeQR+MG9X0MuczwQ=

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Cool page, William. Unfortunately when I click on that link, it says there's an error in the query: "(no URI):6,1: update type error [err:XUTY0008]: target expression not a single element, attribute, text, comment, or processing instruction node." –  joewiz May 19 '12 at 18:33

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