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I have a table of contests, each contest has the contractors and customers (they are stored in another table).

Required to display all competitions with their contractors and customers. In mysql it is done through a join-s, which complicates the query (in a real project These join-s I 5-6). The query is executed for a long time, especially when a lot of records.

Do you think that if you make a simple table of competitions and leave it without connecting the tables in the database mysql, and contractors and customers to move in Redis, greatly increase the performance of a sample of the data, taking into account the fact that for the assembly and transmission of data into a template using PHP? Thank you!

EDIT: Here is an example query (dql, I use the doctrine of version 2):

SELECT t, o, p, c, w, m, f, parent, cparent, com, party FROM PortalTenderBundle:Tender t
                         LEFT JOIN t.organization o
                         LEFT JOIN o.parent parent
                         LEFT JOIN t.provision p
                         LEFT JOIN c
                         LEFT JOIN c.parent cparent
                         LEFT JOIN cf
                         LEFT JOIN t.winner w
                         LEFT JOIN t.manager m
                         LEFT JOIN t.files f
                         LEFT JOIN t.comments com
                         LEFT JOIN party
                         LEFT JOIN party_f
                         WHERE ((t.opening_at IS NULL) OR (t.opening_at IS NOT NULL AND t.opening_at <= CURRENT_TIMESTAMP()))
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Before anything else, when you say your SQL query is slow : are you sure you have set the right indexes on your tables ? Using the right indexes generally speeds queries a lot, especially when there are joins involved. –  Pascal MARTIN May 17 '12 at 18:50
Yes, the indexes are arranged on the connecting fields (foreign keys), as well as in those fields, which are conditions for sampling and sorting. The fact is that in addition to contractors and customers have more members - that's really hard with them (the connection between the contests and the participants - many to many) –  isqad May 17 '12 at 19:06

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