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So linqpad allows you to name queries so that when you run the query it comes up as a header to the query itself when you click run- this helps when you have multiple selects going on at the same time: is there a similar feature on MSQL mgmt studio?

so, I.E. when queried, rather than


you could see

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Not that I've seen. If you're looking for the ability to add some verbose/debugging values to your results, you could do a one-off select before your actual select. You can wrap these statements in an If @debug check so you can selectively turn them on/off easily. I do this for some of our more complicated queries to help with debugging, especially when there are table variables used. As a simple example:

declare @debug bit;set @debug=1;

declare @t table (id int)
insert into @t select 1
insert into @t select 2
insert into @t select 3
insert into @t select 4
insert into @t select 5

-- Debugging
if (@debug=1) begin
select '@T contents:';
select * from @t

-- Actual select
select * from @t where id >3;
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Thanks- it's too bad they don't have it. i guess i'll just use linqpad then. the debugging bit is useful as well –  DaneEdw May 17 '12 at 21:21

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