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I am using openssl, and I get lots and lots of warnings during build about missing libeay.pdb. Can somebody suggest how to add it ?

the build.cmd looks like this (significant piece I think):

perl util\ debug dll no-asm VC-WIN64A >ms\ntdll64.dbg.mak
perl util\ 32 libeay > ms\libeay32.def
nmake -f ms/nt64.dbg.mak

I read the INSTALL.W32 which says "If you use the platform debug-VC-WIN32 instead of VC-WIN32 then debugging symbols will be compiled in." I Tried to replace VC-WIN64A with debug-WIN64A (same with 32), and the build gave me an error

Unknown option --debug-VC-WIN64A

Thank you.

Edit: It worked when I added /DEBUG after mak
Edit again: /DEBUG was not necessary, the debug word in the command did the work.
How do I build it with Visual Studio ?

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When you build OpenSSL on Windows with Visual Studio, the symbols file for the library is named lib.pdb, and it's located in the tmp32 directory, so you might need to manually copy it into the out32 directory.

This was true for the Win32 configuration as of version 1.0.0g; it's possible that that's changed since then, and it's possible it might be different for Win64.

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You are building it with Visual Studio -- the compiler, not the IDE. The nmake utility invokes the compiler (cl.exe) from the command line. – Adam Rosenfield May 17 '12 at 22:16

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