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I saw a wiki page on GitHub that isn't open for editing. Then I forked the project, edited it on "my end" and tried to do a pull request. It turns out, the wiki isn't in the project, and there isn't a way to commit changes to it.

Other than e-mailing, is there a way to proceed if I want to suggest a change on the wiki in this case?

At this point I found out what seems like an alternative under "Questions with similar titles", but I couldn't do the pull request with it yet, and so I'm not sure submodules is a good way for this purpose. I now see I could probably branch it somehow... So is this the way to go?

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GitHub doesn't support pull requests for the wiki repository, only the main repository (this is a bit of a shame, IMO, but I can understand it).

Here's an interesting way one project manages community updates to their wiki, while still keeping tight control, as for source code: How you can contribute to Taffy documentation.

If it were me, I'd create an issue in the main repository (that is, the one you forked) suggesting an update to the wiki. If issues aren't enabled, then email's about the only other option I can think of.

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Only as workaround, consider the approach that I use for my GitHub project. It is described in How to merge GitHub wiki changes from one repository to another.

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This got almost nothing to do with my question. I have no access to the main project! –  Cawas Nov 26 '13 at 12:37
you need to change wiki on your forked repo, and owner need to pull your changes manually from your forked wiki, as I showed in my example. That works for us, not ideal solution but better them mailing. –  Roman Ivanov Nov 26 '13 at 20:54
I never meant to e-mail any files! It was just to notify and eventually give some diffs so he can decide to pull it or not without needing to fetch first. You see, without a proper solution there are 2 steps to do: notify and pull. You just told me how to pull, but my question begins on how to notify, which I think is the most important part. ;-) –  Cawas Nov 26 '13 at 21:01
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