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I want to skip the deletion of the files on the \log folder on a web application running on a IIS virtual path: 'website\v2\service'

I tried the command line:

"msdeploy.exe" -source:package='Package.zip' -dest:auto,computerName='https://host   /MsDeploy.axd',userName='####',password='####',authtype='Basic',includeAcls='False' -verb:sync -disableLink:AppPoolExtension -disableLink:ContentExtension -disableLink:CertificateExtension -skip:skipaction='Delete',objectname='dirPath',absolutepath='\\log' -setParamFile:"SetParameters.xml"   -allowUntrusted

But the files on website\v2\service\log folder are still being deleted.

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Check the parameters file specified in the operation setting -setParamFile:"SetParameters.xml" – it's possible the settings in that file are overriding the -skip setting in your example command.

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