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I need to test a slider with only one element in selenium (c#). Something like the volume or brightness control. I have searched on-line and all I could find was with two elements (with Source & Target). I tried many functions and none of them are working.

Actions move = new Actions(driver);
move.DragAndDropToOffset(driver.FindElement(By.Id("someid")), 39, -9).Perform();

Can anyone please help me with this? I'm completely new to Selenium and c#. Let me know if I need to provide more details. Thanks

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Are you sure there is only one element? If your slider is dragable along some track like this slider

enter image description here

with a "slider handle" (an <a/> tag as the box with the value "5ft 5") bounded along a "slider track" (a <div> tag as the long black bar) then the distance offset to move can be calculated. The following code will in C# will work to move the slider handle a percentage along the slider track, with distance calculated using CSS values.

public void SetSliderPercentage(string sliderHandleXpath, string sliderTrackXpath, int percentage)
    var sliderHandle = driver.FindElement(By.XPath(sliderHandleXpath));
    var sliderTrack = driver.FindElement(By.XPath(sliderTrackXpath));
    var width = int.Parse(sliderTrack.GetCssValue("width").Replace("px", ""));
    var dx = (int)(percentage / 100.0 * width);
    new Actions(driver)
                .DragAndDropToOffset(sliderHandle, dx, 0)
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thanks! i will try and let you know how did it go... :) – Phphelp May 30 '13 at 2:14

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