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I have been looking for a solution but I don't think this is possible without writing a script. What I want to do is take a single photoshop layer and divide it into a grid of squares where each square is a separate layer (e.g. a 100px by 100px image broken into 100 10px by 10px squares, each a separate layer).

I know that I can slice the image into a grid and export each square as a separate image, but I want each square to maintain it's position so when all the layers are visible it forms the original image seamlessly (like a bunch of square puzzle pieces).

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I think this is what you are looking for: Tile cutter script

  2. You could then import all the tiles stacked into a new image: Great Tutorial

  3. With all your tiles stacked in layers you can run: Layered -> Grid script

The trick is merging 1 and 3

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Thanks for the response. The script you sent does a great job of cutting an image up into tiles, but the result is the same problem as if I exported a grid of slices. I have a folder with the image broken up into squares, but the problem is reassembling them to make the original image again. When I use the Load Files Into Stack script I just get a layered file the size of one of the squares with all the layers stacked on top of each other instead of a file the size of the original image with all the squares tiled together to resemble the original picture. –  MJR May 17 '12 at 23:00
You can define a selection using an array of coordinate points like this var bounds = [[75,75],[125,75],[125,125],[75,125]]; that is the same as the slice you are taking, then app.activeDocument.selection.select(bounds) to make the selection, then app.activeDocument.paste(true) (true refers to whether you want to paste into the current selection) to paste the tile into it's matching selection. Rinse and repeat. –  pdizz May 18 '12 at 2:15
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Someone responded in the SuperUser forum and wrote me a really nice script. Does exactly what I need it to do and it scales perfectly for differently sized squares and differently sized documents.


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