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I would like to swap our template engine from ICanHas (Mustache) to Hogan. ICanHas allows you to define templates in a script block. Is it possible to do this with Hogan?

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Yes. Here's a simple template in a script tag:

<script id="hogan-tpl" type="text">
    hello {{planet}}

Here's the minimal JavaScript needed that grabs the template from the script element, compiles it with Hogan.js, and renders with the appropriate data before assigning it to the innerHTML of the body:

var template = $('#hogan-tpl').html(),
    hello = Hogan.compile(template),
    context = { planet: "world" },
    tpl = hello.render(context);

document.body.innerHTML = tpl;​

Here is it working on jsFiddle

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Yep so you can get the template content with $("#").html() the simply compile and use it as you would any other template. Simple. Thank you maxbeatty :) – Nippysaurus May 18 '12 at 5:32

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