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I am trying to print the assembly from a Sparc Target. I already can generate the IR from it however, somehow this doesn't work for the Target. I am not sure what to add since the llvm-is tool uses the ParseIRFile which returns a module.


My issue is that although I have the IR in a string but I am not sure how to add a pass which would use this for the target code generation.

I need some pointers on what to change in the generateSparcsCode() function to use the IR I just generated from the generateCode() method and stored in the m_llvmIR variable. From the same context, module is also a class member and was wondering how I could use that correctly for the target generation code.

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A good resource would be the source code of the llc tool (in tools\llc\llc.cpp). llc is the LLVM native code generator - it can compile LLVM IR down to target machine code, and you can select a target on the command line (see this reference for details).

Just look at the flow of code in the main function of llc. It reads IR, then sets up the target and finally emits output. You can use the -filetype flag to select what llc emits (whether it's assembly or a native object with machine code).

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