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I have a string similar to: 7.6E+7.

My question is simple: How do I turn this into its corresponding number: 76000000?

I have tried using substring to isolate the E+7 part, then parse the 7 part, then move the decimal places over 7. Is there an easier way to do this?

Thank you!

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long n = Double.valueOf("7.6E+7").longValue();
// prints 76000000 to the output.
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I suggest using Double.parseDouble():

double val = Double.parseDouble(str);

where str is the input string.

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You can use Double.parseDouble() to get it as a number.

String e = "7.6E+7";

Giving the output 7.6E7. If you do not want the E in the output you can use

NumberFormat f = NumberFormat.getInstance();

Which will give you the output 76000000 without casting to a whole number. Eg adding 0.1 to the number will give the output 76000000.1

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If you are sure the number can ultimately be cast into an integer without losing precision than alternatively you could do:

int d = (int) Double.parseDouble("7.6E+7");

Which prints 76000000 to the output.

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