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Right now, I have to do something like the below before pushing a view every time

    _homeNavigationController.navigationBar.barStyle = UIBarStyleBlack;
    _homeNavigationController.navigationBar.tintColor = nil;     

And I want to set the color to different one using an patterned image.

So is there a simple way to do it?

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If you want to use custom tint colors (other than the built-in constants), use this code:

Define these somewhere globally.

#define RGBCOLOR(r,g,b)         [UIColor colorWithRed:(r)/255.0f green:(g)/255.0f blue:(b)/255.0f alpha:1]
#define COLOR_NAVBAR_TINT           RGBCOLOR(82, 154, 217)
#define COLOR_TOOLBAR_TINT          RGBCOLOR(82, 154, 217)

Add this to your AppDelegate.m, and then invoke it during your app's initialization:

- (void)initializeGlobalTheme {
    [[UINavigationBar appearance] setTintColor:COLOR_NAVBAR_TINT];
    [[UIToolbar appearance] setTintColor:COLOR_TOOLBAR_TINT];
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