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I'm new to Android, and I'm building an app in which I've got an xml DatePicker in a Dialog's contentView. For the dialog's button to display the slected date, I have the following code:

                // get Date Button 
    Button dialogGetVButton = (Button) dialog.findViewById(R.id.GetVerseB);  
    dialogGetVButton.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() { 
    public void onClick(View v) { 
        int day = pickerC.getDayOfMonth(); 
        int month = pickerC.getMonth(); 
        showEtext.setText(new StringBuilder().append(month + 1) 
    // END get Date Button

it looks like getDayOfMonth(); and getMonth(); are not the correct calls to the DatePicker because clicking the button crashes the app. All I want it to do is display the selected DatePicker date in the showEtext TextView. Is anyone out there doing a custom DatePicker along these lines? And if so, what would be the correct code to accomplish this? I know the above code works when the xml DatePicker is on it's own, not being called in a Dialog's contentView. But this code doesn't work when in a Dialog.

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Please post your logcat errors. – Sam May 18 '12 at 0:27
I think the relevant logcat error is java.lang.NullPointerException. Which means the Dialog doesn't see the DatePicker, right? I've called pickerC = (DatePicker) findViewById(R.id.picker_c); in the Dialog code but still getting the nullexception error. – kirktoon1882 May 18 '12 at 13:55

Ok, I figured it out. I thought that

    int day = pickerC.getDayOfMonth();  
int month = pickerC.getMonth()

were incorrect calls - turns out they ARE correct. My problem was in not calling the DatePicker within the Dialog correctly. Originally I was doing: pickerC = (DatePicker) findViewById(R.id.picker_c); which I think, is just pulling the DatePicker into the main activity. I found that if I called: pickerC = (DatePicker) dialog.findViewById(R.id.picker_c); slapping dialog. in front of findViewById is the fix. That pulls the DatePicker into the Dialog so that the Dialog can "see" the DatePicker.

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