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I have tickets and I have replies. Tickets have many replies, replies belongs to tickets. At top of my ticket/show page I have a Ticket form that updates a few Ticket parameters. Starts out with

= form_for @ticket do |f|

and then closes itself. This form works fine.

On the same page I have a "Replies form" created with

= form_for [@ticket, @ticket.replies.build] do |f|

and then closes itself. Problem is if any of the active record validations are called on the replies form rails redirects to the replies controller with the error messages, but I need it to redirect to the current page I'm on. I cannot figure this out for the life of me. Googled around, tried repointing the render in the replies controller to no avail.

Any help is welcomed.

Thanks all.

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Maybe doing that remotely would solve your problem and bring some userfriendlyness.

If not an option for you, bare in mind that you should do @reply || @ticket.replies.build in your form, or else it wont show in the form if there are erros.

Render wont work since it's a different controller so you have 2 options.

  1. Create a new action on your ticket controller for creating replies and specify it in your form
  2. Use redirect_to ticket_url(@ticket, @reply) on your action, and create the route for that, it needs a :ticket_id and :reply_id
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