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the XmlReader has following content:

  <omm:Field DataType="Utf8String" Name="ROW80_3">
    <omm:Utf8String> Latam News </omm:Utf8String>
  <omm:Field DataType="Int32" Name="RECORDTYPE">
  <omm:Field DataType="Utf8String" Name="ROW80_4">
  <omm:Field DataType="Utf8String" Name="ROW80_1">
    <omm:Utf8String>12:28 27JUN09    PRODUCT LIST</omm:Utf8String>
  <omm:Field DataType="Utf8String" Name="ROW80_2">
  <omm:Field DataType="Utf8String" Name="BQOS">

How can I rearrange the elements to start at ROW80_1 and end at ROW80_4.

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If you can use XLinq, things become much simpler:

XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(@"..."); 

var children = doc.Elements().Single().Elements().OrderBy(element => (string) element.Attribute("Name"));

var newRoot = new XElement(((XNamespace) "yourNamespaceHere") + "Fields",
 new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "nso", "yourNamespaceHere"),
 new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "omm", "otherNamespace"),

var newDocument = new XDocument(newRoot);

You can also filter out elements.

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Great answer, +1. –  unforgiven3 Jul 1 '09 at 3:24

The XmlReader cannot rearrange elements. However, depending where you load them to (e.g. XmlDocument etc.), you can rearrange them afterwards.

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As Lucero has mentioned you can't re-arrange the Xml document using the XmlReader class, however it is possible to rearrange the data contained with the document logically by using a temporary sortable data store generic dictionary or recreating the documents with all of your elements rearranged.

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