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I've read about nullif, but haven't been able to put together a SELECT statement to use it properly:

Select (num/total) as percent ...

If total is 0, I want to return Null. How do I revise the statement?

if I say

select (num/nullif(total, 0)) as percent ...

what does it mean to divide by Null?

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You could use CASE:

SELECT [percent] = CASE WHEN total = 0 THEN NULL ELSE (num/total) END 
FROM Table
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To answer to the second part of your question:

what does it mean to divide by Null?

The result of an arithmetic calculation which uses a NULL value is NULL, or to put it another way:

Because Null is not a data value, but a marker for an unknown value, using mathematical operators on Null results in an unknown value, which is represented by Null.

So the statement

select (num/nullif(total, 0)) as percent

will return NULL if total = 0. The use of CASE, as presented by Tim, is an equally valid way of handling the problem.

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