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I have some code that I'm using to create a dropdown menu that changes depending on what is checked. The javascript and html seprated from the page work fine but once its loaded at the same time as the jquery and everything is placed into a dialog box I recive an error which is like this

I can see this error thru firebug on my client but it doesnt seem to appear in jsfiddle but when it appears the dropdowns dont work ...

document.form1a.damage is undefined
[Break On This Error]   

I have managed to work out this much: that its caused by the dialog box part of the jquery code, not the other jquery that I'm using and that once the dialog boxes are removed the dropdown menus work absolutely fine. I have uploaded all me code to JsFiddle


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Your form is empty when that code executes. Jquery ui dialog will move its entire html structure into its own div (typically at the bottom of the page) with all the applied styling, classes, etc.

To see this in jsfiddle, change the code load event to no wrap (head), it's above the framework select. You will get the error you mention.

Use firebug/chrome inspector to look at the html structure at that time. You have:

<form name="form1a" method="post" id="form1a"></form>
<div dialog1></div>
<div dialog2></div>
<div overlay></div>

As a solution to the issue, consider giving the selects their own id's and using:

document.getElementById('selectDamage0').options.length = 0;

... or continue using the by class name and index, etc instead of using the form notation.


Here is a jsfiddle showing another approach, just binding the onchange with jquery and setting the options through that. Commented a bit to show flow -- the function is near the bottom:

Update 2:

An old way of managing id's at the base level this way is to use a common prefix/suffix. So your first select is type-0 with damage-0. Then to reference the other you swap out the words (or split on -).

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umm i dont quite understand umm is to much to ask u to change in in js fiddle... im sorry its just im quite new to javascript and have been needing alot of help with it – Matthew May 18 '12 at 2:19
what u do u mean by "As a solution to the issue, consider giving the selects their own id's and using: document.getElementById('selectDamage0').options.length = 0; – Matthew May 18 '12 at 2:23
In jsfiddle on the left sidebar its set to 'onLoad' meaning wait until the html is ready then fire all the javascript which is what $(function({})) already does. Change it to no wrap (head) to make it act like you are just putting a <script> ... </script> before the <body>. It then acts like you think it should. – WSkid May 18 '12 at 2:26
As a solution it means that line of code document.form1a is empty, it doesn't have any elements called damage in it as jquery moved all the insides out of it. There are other ways to select an element such as getElementById -- I'd google around for an intro to HTML and id/classes/selectors as it's out of scope for a quick answer. – WSkid May 18 '12 at 2:30
i understand about id/claseses the code orginally was set to getElementById but i changed it because i required 2 sets of the dropdown menus and i know that i am unable to have 2 of the same id's on the same page.. how would i be able to have 2 dropdown menus without the issue of 2 confiting id's – Matthew May 18 '12 at 2:35

The problem is that jsFiddle is wrapping your code in a $(window).load function which makes fill_damage a variable defined in the $(window).load function. Once the $(window).load function has finished executing, the fill_damage function is no longer in scope, which means you cannot use an onchange handler to reference it.

The solution to this is to either:

  1. include it in your $(function) and assign it to a click handler using jQuery (recommended since you're already using it) or through more traditional JavaScript methods (like addListener (not recommended since you're already using jQuery).
  2. or to change your framework selection to noWrap (head) or no wrap (body).

I re-wrote your fiddle (with a lot of comments). You can see it here:

Hope this helps.

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