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Cygwin includes a program dumper.exe

The dumper utility can be used to create a core dump of running Windows process.


Dump core from WIN32PID to FILENAME.core

However it seems to only work with Cygwin processes

$ ps -Ws | grep calc
   3880 ?        20:22:02 C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe

$ dumper calc-dump 3880
Cannot attach to process #3880, error 50

I have been using ProcDump for some time now, but I would like to move to a program that is included in Cygwin packages.

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Steven, how did you have ProcDump configured to work with Cygwin? I can't get dumps for any Windows process that is a child process of CygWin. –  w25r Jun 23 at 19:39
@w25r I believe I was only using it on native Windows processes –  Steven Penny Jun 23 at 22:51

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It turns out that dumper.exe will work with a Windows process, but only 32-bit processes.

$ C:/Windows/SysWOW64/calc.exe &
[1] 3660

$ dumper calc 3660 &
[2] 3500

$ ls -l
total 18688
-rw-r--r--+ 1 Steven None 19071028 Jun  7 20:38 calc.core
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