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for example i have a MySQL database that contains latitude and longitude, how do I call these coordinates to be displayed in the map ? anyone can help me please?

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Since your question and information are a bit unclear, these are my assumptions:

  1. I assume that you have followed the instruction correctly to install the EGMap extension into your yii application.
  2. You want to place a marker at the said coordinates (latitude & longitude).

Sample codes: (please adjust to fit your database tables and columns at the lines commented as "// Get LatLong from table Location"). Place this straight into your view file example: protected/views/site/index.php

<!-- other html codes here -->
<div id="map-container">
// Get LatLong from table Location
$latitude = $location->latitude;
$longitude = $location->longitude;


$gMap = new EGMap();
$gMap->zoom = 10;
$mapTypeControlOptions = array(
    'position'=> EGMapControlPosition::LEFT_BOTTOM,
// Map settings
$gMap->mapTypeControlOptions= $mapTypeControlOptions;
$gMap->setCenter($latitude, $longitude);

// Prepare icon
$icon = new EGMapMarkerImage("http://google-maps-icons.googlecode.com/files/gazstation.png");
$icon->setSize(32, 37);
$icon->setAnchor(16, 16.5);
$icon->setOrigin(0, 0);
// Prepare marker
$marker = new EGMapMarker($latitude, $longitude, array('title' => 'Gas Station','icon'=>$icon));

<!-- other html codes here -->
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thank you very much osh, I'll try your code :D –  dulharjo May 18 '12 at 5:49
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