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I have this code where url is some page with a table element with id="table"

    'modal' : true,
    open: function(event, ui) {
        var table = $('#dialog #table').dataTable();
    close: function(event, ui) { 

The problem I am experiencing is that the datatable doesn't seem to load inside the open() event handler function. I have also tried putting the datatable code inside create() event handler function but to no avail. Very strangely when I add an alert() inside the open() function,

open: function(event, ui) {
    var table = $('#dialog #table').dataTable();

it does load.

Any idea what the problem is?

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might be that your selector is wrong ? try $('#table').dataTable();

or you can assign a class to your table , for example class="mytable" and change to the selector , like this:

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I have tried both "#table" and "#dialog #table" and it still does not work. –  arvinsim May 18 '12 at 6:04
Did you yried with class? –  Daniel May 18 '12 at 6:50

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