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I have a resource called patient_admissions that has all the RESTful routes. It is nested under another resource called patients. I want to add another method to my patient_admissions controller called discharge that updates a field in the model called :discharge_date (with Date.now) and saves that value in the table.

I would like this to work like the destroy method, in that if I have a bunch of patient_admission objects listed in a table in my index view, I could just click on the Discharge link and a confirmation box would appear, I would click 'ok' and then the value would be updated without having to first go to another view and deal with forms.

How can I do this without resorting to something like javascript? Many thanks!

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In the rails guide on Routing, there's a section on adding additional restful actions:


The example there would translate to something like:

resources :patient_admissions do
  member do
    put 'discharge'

This will recognize /patient_admissions/1/discharge with PUT, and route to the discharge action of PatientAdmissionsController.

This will at least allow you to get the routing set up for the action.

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You could do this by using the link_to or button_to helpers in conjunction with a custom member route for your controller. Here is an example:

resources :patient_adminssions do
  put :discharge, :on => :member

Notice that I used PUT to add the custom route because the record will not be deleted, just modified. So according to the REST standards, I think put is the most appropriate.

# in your view
<%= button_to "Discharge", discharge_patient_admission_path(@patient_admission), :method => :put,
             :confirm => "Are you sure you want to discharge this patient?" %>

This will create a button in a hidden form that when clicked will display the confirmation message and if it is confirmed then it will send a request to your controller action where you can set the appropriate discharge date like you suggested.

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