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I need to clone a git project which reside on windows server d:\GitRepos\test.git. I am logging in through ssh under Administrator on the server d:\cygwin\home\Administrator\t2.git

when I do git clone from my local:

git clone ssh://Administrator@host.com/~/t2.git ./t2.git ==> this is ok

how can I clone test.git which reside on d:\GitRepos\test.git?

I've tried:

git clone ssh://Administrator@host.com/d/GitRepos/test.git ./test.git ==>fail
git clone ssh://Administrator@host.com/cygdrive/d/GitRepos/test.git ./test.git ==>fail

Any suggestion please?

Nevermind: I can access it with

git clone ssh://Administrator@host.com/../../GitRepos/test.git ./test.git

provided your Admin home is 2 folders deep.

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Assuming the server is running the sshd in cygwin, you need to use the cygwin mappings that map the windows drives to the cygwin/unix file space, usually /cygdrive/d for D:\.

so you should be able to go

git clone ssh://Administrator@host.com/cygdrive/d/GitRepos/test.git test.git
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tried that git clone ssh://Administrator@host.com/cygdrive/d/GitRepos/test.git test.git, but still no good. – Ju Kom May 23 '12 at 5:31
what happens instead? – Michael Slade May 23 '12 at 5:33

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