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When we can use loop with in the stored procedure then why do we need cursor. i.e. when we can perform the same opearation with stored procedure then why do we need cursor. I am a newbie so my question my sound a bit odd to some

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You need to be more concrete than this - we cannot possibly answer such an open-ended question. What is the scenario? What are you trying to do? Also: what database? SQL = structured query language - that's not yet a database system, and these things are very often vendor-specific - different for SQL Server vs. Oracle vs. PostgreSQL vs. DB2 etc. –  marc_s May 18 '12 at 5:26

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A cursor is just a loop, but over a set of values from a SQL query. If you're looping through sequential values, then I suppose you don't need to use a cursor and can just use a manual loop instead.

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