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I am trying to communicate with my Minecraft server on the RCON port.

I have little clue how to use the sockets & streams stuff though. Poking around, I found they all have something in common. Socket, InputStream & OutputStream.

I tried it in my code, but the return says nothing useful. I know the code actually sends a packet out, because I get an acknowledgement from the server console [Rcon connection from: /].

Its just the code I tried to assemble based on the interwebs returns something like [B@4053f750 from output. No idea what that is, nor can I search it in Google.

Can someone give a good site for explaining this stuff?

Thanks a bunch.

Socket s;
InputStream i;
DataInputStream iD;
OutputStream o;
DataOutputStream oD;

OnClickListener listenA=new OnClickListener(){
    public void onClick(View v){
            s=new Socket("MyDomain.tld", 12345);
            iD=new DataInputStream(i);
            oD=new DataOutputStream(o);

            byte[] data=new byte[1024], packet={
                (byte)0xFE, (byte)0xFD, // Magic bytes
                (byte)0x09,                 // Challenge type
                (byte)0xde, (byte)0xad, (byte)0xbe, (byte)0xef  // Your ID token

            i.read(data, 0, 1024);

            guiMain.setTxt_Edit(encodeCArray(data.toString())); // returns a hex string to an edit box. I can then compare the packet to what I expect.

        }catch(UnknownHostException e){
        }catch(IOException e){
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[B@4053f750 is the useless toString() of an array of bytes. Use java.util.Arrays.toString(data) to have a nicer output. –  Jerome May 18 '12 at 5:55
You need to check the return of "i.read(data, 0, 1024);" as it may return different amount if read bytes. –  Vadym Stetsiak May 18 '12 at 17:08

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Try instead:

guiMain.setTxt_Edit(encodeCArray(new String(data)))
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