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I would prefer that a console app would default to

multithreaded debug. warning level 4. build browse information. no resource folder.

Does anyone know of any technique that would allow me to create a console app, with my desired options, without manually setting it.

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Yes, you can do that. What you want is to create your own project template. You can then select that template from the New Project wizard. I wasn't able to location documentation on how to create a project template in Visual Studio 6, but this MSDN article explains the procedure for Visual Studio 2005. Hopefully you will find those instructions to sufficiently similar.

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What you describe is not available in msvc 6 –  EvilTeach Sep 27 '08 at 20:56

I have concluded this is impossible.

The is support for custom appwizards for windows projects, but not console projectcs.

This is where I did research.




The custom appwizard will accept windows projects as a base for the template, but not console projects. A message dialog appears that claims that the base project selected is not a c++ project.

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This turns out to be fairly easy to do.

Create a new console project in your workspace, name it 0_console
Set its characteristics the way you want them to be. (warning level 4 ...)
get out of msvc, and use windows explorer to copy the project directory.
paste it in at the same directory level as the 0_console project.
rename it to be what ever you want the new project to be.
go into that directory, and edit the dsp file, and replace the 0_console values by the new name.
save that, and go into msvc, and simply insert the project into the work space

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