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My project follows the following flow: enter image description here

I want to use swingworker.Here is the way i am using it but the results are not coming correct

In my GUI code, my code is this for executing the principal class

I have written the following lines of code in buttons code

     Main f2 = new Main();


In my Principal class ,i have done this

      class Principalclass extends SwingWorker<Void, Void>
            public Void doInBackground() throws IOException 
               //while loop
            public void done() {
              System.out.println("I am DONE");
              GUI b = new GUI();   
              b.ShowFrame();   //calls the function of the GUI to display frame

Now this code without printing "I am DONe" displays the GUI frame.I am confused if i have to do some changes in classes 2,3 and 4 bcz i am using swingworker or if i have to do further changes only in Principalclass.Secondly,the application which should take 15 mins to complete its task,it just takes 2 secs :(.May be i am doing something seriously wrong because i am using swing worker for the first time.

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For better help sooner, post an SSCCE. – Andrew Thompson May 18 '12 at 7:12

You should execute your swing worker and do it from EDT. Look here for more info.

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