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I am new to pthread and I have gone through some tutorials. The tutorials say that I can pass only a single argument to a function used in thread. I solved the problem by using a structure for passing multiple arguments into the thread. But now on further study I came to the conclusion that a function in a thread can't return any value and the only way to do that is the use of global variables. What I actually need is, I need two functions running in two different threads and the return value of one function need to the the input of the other and vice versa. What should I do to implement this need. Thanks in advance. And yes, linux is the platform.

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If one thread needs the return value of the other, then... why need multi-threading? It seems that you could go with a sequence of two operations. – user1284631 Jun 12 '12 at 20:54
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Check pthread_join(). It will give value passed to pthread_exit(). You can try passing the value to pthread_exit() instead of returning from the thread_function.

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The return value of a thread is a void *. This can be picked up as the second argument of pthread_join(). See also pthread_exit().

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