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We have a PC that has a high speed data card in the PCIEx16 slot but the card will only work during a warm boot. It appears the device does not get allocated resources on cold boot, presumably something that happens during POST. We have assumed for now that POST looks at the card and because it is not a graphics card (normal for PCIEx16), does not give resources.

At the moment if I turn on the PC (cold boot), I can hit Ctrl-Alt-Del once the BIOS screen appears and all is well as it is now a warm boot. I am running openSuse 11.3 and booting with GRUB.

My question is, is there a way to read the memory location where the warm boot value is stored (0000:0472 I believe) and then force a reboot if it is a cold boot?

I am assuming that a boot script is no good because I probably won't have permission to access this portion of memory but I am hoping there is another way, maybe I can modify GRUB in some way to do this?

I read that there are some commands I can use in menu.lst for grub including "read" (from memory location) and "reboot" (self explanatory) however I am unsure if this is possible or even if I am using the right approach.

I realise the alternative is to fix the problem of the card not getting resources but from what we can tell this is part of the BIOS code...

Thank you for any help!

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is this a device you are developing? do you have access to its firmware/driver code? –  benzaita Jun 16 '12 at 17:17
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I would look at the pcie trace and compare a cold boot vs reboot. Assuming a pcie analyzer is available though.

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