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I have the following rad numeric textbox.

> <telerik:RadNumericTextBox ID="numTxtIMEI" runat="server"
> MaxLength="20" MinValue="0"   Visible="false"
> maxvalue="99999999999999999999" AutoCompleteType="Disabled">
> <NumberFormat GroupSeparator="" DecimalDigits="0" /> <ClientEvents
> OnKeyPress="preventDecimalSeparator" /> </telerik:RadNumericTextBox>

Inspite of setting maxlength and maxvalue to allow 20 numbers into the textbox, it allows only 16numbers . when i type 17th number, it automatically turns to zero. what should i do to allow this numeric textbox to allow 20numbers?

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"Telerik RadNumericTextBox control does not support maximum/minimum value more/less than +/- 2^46 Setting the MaxValue property more than 2^46 may cause abnormalities in the RadNumericTextBox behavior."

Quoted from a Telerik forum posting. I have linked it below. It does give an option on how to do a larger number, but I have not tested that myself.


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