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I am creating a web application using backbone.js. I have two tabs. Tab 1 is a backbone.js view and tab2 is another backbone view (of the same kind).

Both the views are loaded to the same div element in the page. Currently what I do is, when user change the tab, I detect it using the backbone router. Then router does a check to see if a view is already there, or should it be created.

I created a object manager object, who store the view object based on a key (key is the tab name)

App.ObjectManager.getContentView = function (tabId) {

    return App.ObjectManager.ContentHash[tabId];

App.ObjectManager.setContentView = function(tabId, view) {

    App.ObjectManager.ContentHash[tabId] = view;

App.ObjectManager.hasContentView = function(tabId) {

    if(App.ObjectManager.ContentHash[tabId]==undefined) {
        return 0;

        return 1;

Here is what I do to create and store the view to list object. This code is called every time a tab is clicked, and router detects the change.


if(App.ObjectManager.hasContentView(tabId)==0) {  //View is not in the lookup table

    console.log("View is not created yet. So we need to create");
    content = new App.MyBackboneView(); //create a new view
    App.ObjectManager.setContentView(tabId, content); //Store the view

else {

    console.log("View is already created..So we read it and show it");
    content = App.ObjectManager.getContentView(tabId);


//Now, we add the view to the main div


The code above works by showing the view to the myDiv. and I can see the values of text boxes and radio buttons, etc being shown.

The only thing - event handling don't work. So, if I have a button in the view that is added an event handler, the event don't get called when the view is rendered from the saved object. First time when the view gets shown, click event is handling.

For eg, I have this button in the view "Say My Name!"

events: {
    "click #say": "sayName"

sayName: function() {
    console.log("I click say Name");

First time the view gets loaded, when I press the button, console show me the log. When I come back to the tab again, and this time view is shown from the list object, the click event don't work.

Is my code having any problem ?

Hope you can give me some way how to store the view and I can reuse the view again.


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When creating a view you empty myDiv content


I think this action automatically removes all bindings that you set in your View earlier. It's actually quite a common problem with Backbone - this framework sets event listeners to dom elements in the view.

Probably easiest way to deal with this issue is to create a parent View for #myDiv as a whole and set events in there.

View structure may look like that:

TabsView (set events here) | - Tab View 1 (render content) - Tab View 2 (render content)

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Or $("#myDiv").empty(). Same thing but a little more elegant. –  TYRONEMICHAEL May 18 '12 at 6:27
@TyroneMichael, i too usually use empty() instead of html(''), but since it's a line in the question i don't see the need to modify it. –  Kane Cohen May 18 '12 at 6:36
Thanks. Cool ! Here is what I did App.TabMainView = Backbone.View.extend({ el:"#myDiv", events: { "click #say": "sayName" }, sayName: function() { console.log("I click say Name"); }, initialize:function(){ console.log("Main TabsView View created"); var content = this.options.model.content; $(this.el).append(content.el); } }); and then in the router code, I add content = App.ObjectManager.getContentView(tabId); var model = {content:content}; var tabView = new App.TabMainView({model:model}); –  user1402539 May 18 '12 at 7:32
With above code change, Now, I see the events are enabled. Just that the events are getting stacked up. i.e., when I click the tab 1, and press the button, it show "I click say Name" Then, when I go to tab 2, and press the button, it show "I click say Name" twice and when I come to tab 1 again, and press the button, it show "I click say Name" thrice. any other thing I should check in the above to handle this multiple handle stacking ? –  user1402539 May 18 '12 at 7:33
@user1402539, check your code, it seems like you're reinitializing TabMainView twice. It should be initialized only once. Did you remove click events from individual tab views? –  Kane Cohen May 18 '12 at 7:53

I'm having the same problem, I have several "tab views" that show aggregated data, something like "my messages", "all messages", "all users" etc. I store views' objects in a hash, say 'views'.

Yes, indeed as Kane Cohen has mentioned:

$('#myDiv').html('') or $('#myDiv').$el.empty()

destroys all bindings... What worked for me is rather using "detach" as it doesn't destroy bindings (http://api.jquery.com/detach/), suppose previous displayed content was 'All messages', and user clicks on 'My messages':

views['All messages'].$el.detach()
$('#myDiv').append views['My messages'].el

I use coffescript... P.s. Hope this helps, allthough I'm not satisfied with this approach...

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You should post this as a new question, rather than an answer to an old question –  Ian Clelland Sep 27 '12 at 3:03

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