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I am very new to "scrapy", i am scrapping a website and in that i had some anchor tags which consists of href attributes with java script SubmitForm functions. When i clicked that javascript function a page is opening from which i need to fetch data.I used Xpath and found href for particular anchor tags but unable to execute that href attribute that contains javascript function. Can anyone tell me how to execute javascript Submit functions of anchor tags in scrapy python.My HTML code is

   <table class="Tbl" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="0" border="0">
           <td class="TblOddRow">
             <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
                   <td valign="middle" nowrap="">
                        <a class="Page" alt="Click to view job description" title="Click to view job description" href="javascript:sysSubmitForm('frmSR1');">Accountant&nbsp;</a>

And spider code is

class MountSinaiSpider(BaseSpider):
   name = "mountsinai"
   allowed_domains = [""]
   start_urls = [
   def parse(self, response):
       return [FormRequest.from_response(response,
                                        formdata={ "Type":"CSS","SRCH":"Search&nbsp;Jobs","InitURL":"CSSPage_SearchAndBrowseJobs.ASP","RetColsQS":"Requisition.Key¤Requisition.JobTitle¤Requisition.fk_Code_Full_Part¤[Requisition.fk_Code_Full_Part]OLD.Description(sysfk_Code_Full_PartDesc)¤Requisition.fk_Code_Location¤[Requisition.fk_Code_Location]OLD.Description(sysfk_Code_LocationDesc)¤Requisition.fk_Code_Dept¤[Requisition.fk_Code_Dept]OLD.Description(sysfk_Code_DeptDesc)¤Requisition.Req¤","RetColsGR":"Requisition.Key¤Requisition.JobTitle¤Requisition.fk_Code_Full_Part¤[Requisition.fk_Code_Full_Part]OLD.Description(sysfk_Code_Full_PartDesc)¤Requisition.fk_Code_Location¤[Requisition.fk_Code_Location]OLD.Description(sysfk_Code_LocationDesc)¤Requisition.fk_Code_Dept¤[Requisition.fk_Code_Dept]OLD.Description(sysfk_Code_DeptDesc)¤Requisition.Req¤","ResultSort":"" },
   def parse_main_list(self, response):
       hxs = HtmlXPathSelector(response)
       firstpage_urls ="//table[@class='Tbl']/tr/td/table/tr/td")

   for link in firstpage_urls:
       hrefs ='a/@href').extract()
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You can check this link – Ababneh A Jun 4 '12 at 6:22

Use built-in FormRequest or FormRequest.from_response functions - inside them specify what data to submit to the form.

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