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Looks like Act_as_taggable_on is the more established gem, but Rocket_tag is the newer and hotter one.

Which one would you recommend, and why?

Most of the posts I found that compared Rails tagging were fairly outdated, and I was wondering if anyone knew something about Rocket_tag (not much info on it out there).

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I used both.

I am very happy with act_as_taggable, but for Rails 3.1 I switched to rocket_tag.

On every project that is in rails <3.1 act_as_taggable.

Sorry, I do not have any oline resources, just my own opinion.

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I'm the author of rocket_tag so I'm a bit biased. The reason I wrote rocket_tag was that I found the code for the other taggable gems to be messy and unreadable and thus hard to extend and play with. I generally use Ernie Millers excelent Squeel GEM for writing and composing database queries. Squeel is a super clean and powerful ruby DSL for putting together SQL.

If you have a need for some custom tagging query then I suggest taking a look at how rocket_tag is put together and trying to roll your own tagging analysis method.

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