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Let me know how to write the this three function in c#: Randomize, Int ,Ran()


    //  This is my VB Code
    for (  ; (KeyOK(sKey) == false); )
        for ( ; (PartOK(sPart2) == false);  )
            sPart2 = "";
            for (lCount = 1; (lCount <= PART_LENGTH); lCount++) {
                sPart2 = (sPart2 +  Int((10 *  Rnd())).ToString());
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That does not look like VB... –  Magnus May 19 '12 at 14:13
Sorry Hans Passant..i will not repet this type of trival questions once again.My problem is am to this VB.net.That's why i asked help. –  Havab May 21 '12 at 3:53

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Use the class Random to get a random number.

 Random rnd = new Random();

Then use one of the overloaded method calls of the Next() method to get a random number.

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That's not VB code, that's some strange mix...

First create a Random object (outside the loop):

Random rnd = new Random();

Use the Next method to get a random number from it:

sPart2 += rnd.Next(0, 10).ToString();
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Additionally, note that most VB built-in functions and constants can be found in the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace (including MsgBox, which looks kinda strange in C# but I find it practical sometimes), which is accessible by C# .

Now, Random has been explained already. Int can be translated in different ways. Mostly with a conversion to int, but for special behaviour look at Math.Round, Math.Floor and Math.Ceiling.

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