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I've been going through tutorials and reading up on how to POST android data into MySQL, and I've only seen people use $_REQUEST['something'] when passing variables. Why is it only $_REQUEST? and not $_POST? is it the same thing? I'm still learning all the goodies between both android development and php,

If someone can kindly explain, that'll be awesome,


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by using $_POST only we can get POST variables and $_GET only we can get GET variables.when we use $_REQUEST can get variables GET & POST. – Krishna Prasad May 18 '12 at 7:03
ahhh genius thanks – hellomello May 18 '12 at 7:11
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As @Krishna pretty much answered it in the comments above:

By using $_POST we can only get POST variables and $_GET we can only get GET variables. When we use $_REQUEST can get variables in GET & POST.

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While it is some sort of meta-answer, if you're going to post it as an answer, please provide.. well.. an answer ;) – Nanne May 18 '12 at 15:09

I would never do that. Using _REQUEST is popular for some reason, but your requests should always be using _GET for retrieval or _POST for storage (and perhaps other methods as well -- it depends). You should never need to say "this value may be from either a post or get request and is valid in both of those cases, so we need to use _REQUEST." If that's what's happening, there are problems.

People also tend to forget that _REQUEST includes _COOKIE as well.

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If you will use post method for sending data then you must have to use $_POST variable to get posted data vice versa if you use get method for sending data you must have to use $_GET variable to get posted dat

$_REQUEST is use to get posted data in both case whetever method either post or get you use for posting data. It is beneficial to use $_REQUEST for getting data

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