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With JAX-RS, do I have to check the JAXB element?

Can(Should) the container to check the content validity?

Can(Should) the container automatically responses BAD_REQUEST while unmarshalling Item before invoking RESET method?

Can(May) the container responses INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR when client sent unmarshallable(or empty) content?

class Item {

@Path("/items/{item_id: \\d+}")
public Response updateItem(@PathParam("item_id") final Long itemId,
                       final Item item) {

    assert itemId != null; // '\\d+'

    assert item != null; // is this make any sense?

    // is it ok to assert item is never null?

One more question, what about byte[]?

@Path("/players/{player_id: \\d+}/picture");
public Response updatePicture(..., final byte[] bytes) {

    assert bytes != null;

   // is it ok to assert bytes won't be null even for an empty request body?


Oops, I think I found the answer.


When reading zero-length request entities, all implementation-supplied MessageBodyReader implementations except the JAXB-related one MUST create a corresponding Java object that represents zero-length data; they MUST NOT return null. The implementation-supplied JAXB MessageBodyReader implementation MUST throw a WebApplicationException with a client error response (HTTP 400) for zero-length request entities.

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