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I was trying to connect Flex to Backend Java and I was trying to call a method in one of the classe in the Backend java and it was returning


java.lang.NullPointerException : null

In the root cause everything is null .

.I have checked everything from RemotingConfig to the Flex calling service .

roReporting = new MeteringRemoteObject("ReportingServices"); roReporting.source = "reportmgmt.Reporting"; roReporting.addEventListener(InvokeEvent.INVOKE,invokeHandler); roReporting["getReportData"].addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT,graphResultHandler); roReporting["getReportData"].addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, graphFaultHandler);
In the metering Remote Object I have written a code to connect to the back end .

Can somebody please let me know whether you have come across this problem .


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This has nothing to do with Flex or Flex Remoting. Your Java service just throws a NullPointerException. Check the code, use your debugger or add some debug log statements to the service method in question.

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