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I'm using Ajax Control Toolkit in my ASP.NET project and I have a problem with HtmlEditorExtender which name is ContentHtmlEditor. HtmlEditorExtender attached to TextBox which name is ContentBox.

I tried to make an XSS Atack. I edited html code with Chrome and inserted the following string:

<a href='javascript:alert()'>bla-bla-bla</a>

After post back ContentBox.Text equals to <a href="javascript:alert()">bla-bla-bla</a>.

As you can see javascript:alert() hasn't been removed but as I know Ajax Control Toolkit HtmlEditorExtender is using AntiXss Sanitizer.

When I call

ContentHtmlEditor.SanitizerProvider.GetSafeHtmlFragment("<a href='javascript:alert()'>bla-bla-bla</a>")

it returns:


But there is a problem when I call

ContentHtmlEditor.SanitizerProvider.GetSafeHtmlFragment("<a href=''>bla-bla-bla</a>")

because then it returns the same string:


but I need to know the reference if the link.

What is the problem? And how can I prevent Xss Attacks on my site?

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same problem here – MonsterMMORPG Apr 22 '13 at 12:55

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