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Is it possible to dump an entire binary structure of an ELF-ARM file into a readable format.The idea is to analyze each section and save it back to a binary.

Thanks, SrK

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There are several tools for inspecting the inner structures of elf files, the most common are readelf, objdump and elfsh (from the ERESI framework). It depends on what part of the binary are you interested in, but, for example, you can dump the section header table using the following command:

arm-elf-objdump -h elffile

If you want to copy a certain section from the elf file into a raw binary file, use objcopy:

arm-elf-objcopy -j .data -O binary elffile binfile
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hey Jah ... Thanks for the reply.What I was looking for is a tool similar to IDA but command line that is capable of returning the 'text' view(not binary content) of the elf binary.Like.... .text:080486A0 mov eax, [edx] .text:080486A2 add edx, 4 .text:080486A5 test eax, eax Thanks SrK –  srcKode May 22 '12 at 9:02
you can use objdump -d for that –  Jah May 22 '12 at 9:58

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